Thursday, January 31, 2008

Woman: "I Was Attacked For Being Transgendered"

Attacks against minorities are on the rise, but experts disagree when it comes to how much.

Adam May reveals why state and federal statistics are different and why hundreds of local cases might go unreported.

On her way to buy some orange juice, 26-year-old Pamela Brown, who started living as a woman three years ago, said she was viciously attacked because she is transgendered. . . .Read More

Peddling dreams

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The tragic life of author Eve Langley is explored in an original dance/theatre piece by 75-year-old Elizabeth Langley. She spoke with Katrina Fox.

“I have dedicated this work to all whose eccentricity, creativity and freedom has been denied, repressed or betrayed, especially women,” says Elizabeth Langley of her solo show Journal of Peddle Dreams, which is a Mardi Gras Theatre Initiative.


Author Eve Langley (1904-1974) lived in a climate where the above were not encouraged in women and as such suffered a tortured life, despite her first book The Pea Pickers being considered a classic in Australian literature. After cross-dressing as a young woman, Eve later struggled to be a wife and mother and was institutionalised in a mental hospital for seven years where she was diagnosed as schizophrenic. In 1954 she changed her name by deed poll to Oscar Wilde. In her later years she lived in isolation in the Blue Mountains, compulsively writing a large number of unpublished works, before dying alone, her body laying undiscovered for around three weeks after her death. . . .Read More

Transamerican Love Story Reality Dating Show

Alec Mapa (gay dude from Desperate Housewives) hosts this groundbreaking transgendered elimination dating show.

The Ladies of Wisteria Lane Naked!

The transgender bachelorette, Calpernia Addams, is being wooed by eight handsome men. With the advice of her trans best friend Andrea combined with multiple challenges and dates, Calpernia will shave down her group of suitors until she finds her prince charming. . . .Read More

Christian Right: Spanking the Kiwi

by Craig Young - 31st January 2008

At present, the Christian Right is mostly quiescent, apart from the rumblings of Family First and the oddly renamed Kiwi Party.

In case anyone missed it, the Kiwi Party is the old Future New Zealand which was the old fundamentalist bit of United Future and the Christian Democrats at its inception, back in 1995. Larry Baldock is now sole leader, while Gordon Copeland is concentrating on parliamentary matters. And the issue that chiefly concerns them is... yep, spanking. . . .Read More

The drama of being transgender

by Marianne Combs, Minnesota Public Radio

January 30, 2008

Local theater companies are increasingly staging plays revolving around transgender characters. In mainstream media people who feel they were born into a body of the wrong gender are often the subject of derision and exploitation. But on Twin Cities stages, they're more likely to be portrayed as... people. . . .Read More

Sweden: Gothenburg to Stop Discrimination of HBT Community

January 2008

Photo: Jurek Holzer / SvD / SCANPIX

After declaring itself the worst large town in Sweden to live in for the homosexual, bisexual and transgender community, Gothenburg is taking steps to improve its standing. . . .Read More

Transgender debate draws crowd

January 2008


Sun staff writer

City Hall was buzzing Monday night with both protest and support for a proposed city ordinance that would include gender identity as a class of people protected from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation.

The auditorium had standing-room only, as did the entryway where a large crowd watched the decision on closed-circuit television. The vast majority of those who spoke on the issue were against the ordinance.

Those in favor of the ordinance lauded it as a step toward increased human rights for transgender individuals, who some said are marginalized in society.

The ordinance would add gender identity as a category of people protected from discrimination. Discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation and gender are already outlawed in Gainesville.

City officials defined gender identity as a situation where people have an inner sense of being a gender other than their gender at birth. . . .Read More